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Ruth Gookey Minister of Harefield Baptist let me know what they are doing at Harefield Baptist Church for 'Daring Greatly'

"Firstly we will be starting a new study group and going through the 'Fruitfulness on the Frontline' material from the LICC. The idea is to meet on a Monday - learn and reflect together - and then each session gives us an action to put into practice during the week on our own frontlines. We will meet fortnightly and part of each session will be sharing how things have gone in our workplaces and neighbourhoods. Its going to be challenging - but exciting!

Later on in June we have booked a stall at the village fete - we are going to have outdoor versions of Connect 4, Jenga and skittles for people to play, and a VERY SIMPLE community art project on the go. People from our church community will be on the stall to chat to people and let them know about the church if they are interested.

Finally - I even got the Daring Greatly banner in the parish magazine - smile emoticon"

Houghton regis

This looks like a great idea - Daring Greatly naturally to the over 50's. Well done Houghton Regis!12798951_1231583766868930_7155449810409957156_n

St James Rd, watford

Alice McDermott minister of St James Rd, Watford tells us what they are doing for 40 Days of Daring Greatly:

"So here is what we are going to do at St James Road Baptist Church in Watford... we are on the corner of a street in an urban context surrounded by homes and small shops/cafes. We already have good relationships with many (from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds) though our Toddlers and some also come to Messy Church.

We are going to open our church for the day on Saturday 7th May. We will invite our neighbours ahead of this date to come, ideally we will knock on doors and invite people in person. The church will be open to come in and sit in peace and remember a loved one, perhaps light a candle. We plan to put little guides in the church to help people remember and reflect without religious language. We then hope to offer a cuppa in the welcome area as people leave and if anyone needs to talk then we plan to have space for them to chat to someone.

Don't know how it will go - but when I mentioned the idea to our window cleaner several weeks ago he was really interested in coming! This will be the first of a few events this year to open our doors. We are bringing a Christian Dance Company in for a performance aimed at all ages, later in May and then once our defibrillator is installed (we managed to get one through the British Heart Foundation) we plan to have open days in the hall to show people how to use it and offer tea and coffee and try to build stronger relationships with our neighbours. Anyway.... hope that all makes sense! Oh yes and I still need to try and make a short video too!"


A friend of mine has just moved house and told me that this morning she is 'daring greatly' by inviting the neighbours round for coffee etc. I thought what a wonderfully simple idea. Building relationships making connections is where it all begins. smile emoticon Todays thought.

Little Kimble

Val Pyper, over at Kimble Free Church, one of our smaller churches, over in Bucks, is "Daring Greatly", organising an event in the local pub, using material provided by Table-Talk... April 19th, 7pm...


This is what Olney BC are doing during 40 Days of Daring Greatly. Pastor Ian Field is urging his 'flock' to engage with
.... 'Living and Telling the Good News'
Ian says ...
"we will be running this practical, encouraging and enjoyable course from April 11th to May 9th, we will start the evening at 7.30 for 7.45pm start (time to get a coffee etc) and end before 10pm.
There are two parts to the evening - the first part looks at how to have a vibrant relationship with God, and the second half is a practical workshop on how to share our faith simply and confidently.
This really is a great course and we would like as many people to come as possible - if you would like to come please email or phone me so I can get numbers for resources."

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