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This April/May we in the CBA will be joining in with a National initiative from the 10th April for 40 days leading up to Pentecost. We are calling it ’40 Days of Daring Greatly’ with the aim of encouraging churches to consider doing something with a mission heart that is out of their comfort zone. We all know how easy it is to get overly comfortable within our faith communities and imperceptibly disengage from the culture in which God has placed us. I am challenged when I see the courage of Younger People (such as in HOPE MK) impacting their communities in the name of Christ, and deep down wishing I had a little bit more of their umph. Of course many of our churches are already doing great things, but sometimes it is helpful just to have that gentle nudge from the wider Christian community. We will in due course be offering suggestions as to what this might look like on the ground, but just for now please note this in your diaries and start considering ways in which you & your church could engage intentionally with 40 Days of Daring Greatly’ Colin Pye.

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