A little more conversation, a little more action please?



“A little more conversation, a little more action please?”

Eight female ministers from the CBA met with Jane Day, the BU’s Faith and Society Centenary Development Enabler, on the 21st January. Perhaps because her title is so baffling I think we all came with very little idea what the day would entail and yet in a simple conversation we were all really blessed. Jane has a lovely quiet spirit and yet a determined nature and a passion to see women leaders thrive and grow in the BU. She was honest and enlightening about the setbacks and slow progress of female ministry in our Baptist Family and facilitated some thoughtful and sometimes painful sharing of what that had meant for us personally as female leaders. Despite all of us having some experience of some painful, irritating and sometimes down right funny obstacles put in our way, this was no pity party. We all felt empowered by Jane’s time with us and the way she led us into God’s purposes for our lives. We shared food, prayer, and hopes and dreams for our future, and the future of the women coming up behind us. We covenanted to do something positive to affect the culture for good and are in conversation with our very supportive Regional team about how we can do that. Please keep your eyes open for future events to encourage you and nurture the future female leaders and ministers in your church. If any women ministers in the CBA who couldn’t make the day want to be part of our ongoing conversations, please get in touch with Lisa or Ruth.

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