Central Baptist Association Council

The Central Baptist Association Council are the Trustees with legal responsibility for seeing that the association, which is a ‘Charitable Company limited by guarantee’ is run according to it’s charitable purposes. The Council meets four times a year, and holds an annual assembly (normally in June).

Moderator of Council: Rev Carol Murray. 16 Anxey Way,  Haddenham,Bucks. HP17 8DJ. tel 01844 292011. email: camurray@camurray.plus.com

Association Treasurer: Roy Farrant: email – roy.farrant@centralba.org.uk>



Other Council Members

Rev Simon Carver (Dagnall St, St Albans)

Rev Geoff Colmer (Team Leader)

Rev Carol Murray (Wendover Free)

Mrs Marjorie Johnston (Haddenham-sum-Dinton)

Rev David Shaw

Rev Sarah Crane



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Central Baptist Association
Registered Office: 60 Strathmore Avenue, Hitchin. Herts SG5 1ST
Registered charity No. 1090606 Registered company No. 4319194