Mission & Evangelism
Do you have a vision to relate more closely to your local neighbourhood, providing an activity with a social or communal benefit? Do you have an idea for an evangelistic initiative? Looking to promote the gospel outside the church fellowship? CBA-ME-Grant-Booklet 2021 CBA-ME-Grant-Application-Form
Repair & Maintenance
Available to any church in association with the CBA. Churches with an income of over £20,000 will be required to evidence match funding of amount requested Support the costs of repair and maintenance CBA-RM-Grant-Booklet 2021 CBA-RM-Grant-Application-Form
Develop the giftings of your church members Enhance their skills & opportunities to benefit them and your church. The maximum grant available is £200, and this should not exceed 1/3rd of the total cost of the training. CBA-Training-Grant-Booklet 2021 CBA-Training-Grant-Application-Form
CBA council would like to invest £40,000 in mission over the next 12 months. Do you have a God inspired dream that we can help you realise? CBA-Dream-Grant-Flyer CBA-Dream-Grant-Application-Form
Ministers' bursary fund: Are you needing financial support with proposed sabbatical activities? Are you considering some in-service training? CBA-Bursary-Fund-Flyer CBA-Bursary-Grant-Application-Form

Hello  2020 edition of CENTRAL NEWS is a special one aimed at informing about all the grants the association gives out. The PDF can be downloaded here Grants Booklet 2020 CBA

The Association has set aside an annual budget for five types of grant.

One-off grants are available to support an activity within the aims and objectives stated. Usually a receiving church / individual / body will only receive one grant in a calendar year.

Please click on the relevant links to check out further information & how to apply.

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