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Home Mission provides not only a lifeline for many a church and ministry, but is also a symbol of our shared journey. Last year we as an association raised a magnificent £316456 for Home Mission. Thank you so much for your generosity.

The latest Home Mission video comes from Gretton Baptist Church, a rural church in Northamptonshire. You can download the video by clicking on the HD vimeo link on the video image


Also see Highfield Community Baptist Church in Rushden. A great example of a smaller church prioritising its resources.

a must see video for your congregation of St Andrews, Bletchley. This is a situation where decline has been reversed in part thanks to a Home Mission grant, and now the church has reached the point where they are able to come off this support. This is a Home Mission Good news story. There are two versions of the video, the longer includes Esther’s testimony, the shorter is without this.  We have also included a couple of formats for each video, so hopefully one of them will work on your system.

Furthermore you can access the longer Video online  (with subtitles should you so wish) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvevcHQd8BA

There is also a PDF file of some questions that might give you a way in to discussing some of the themes that arise, perhaps in a group context. These questions may or may not be relevant to your church context. The PDF can be accessed here – DVD 2016 HM questions

2015 Home Mission Presentation 

PDF download of Home Mission presentation 2015

PowerPoint version of this presentation (20mb)







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