New ways of being church

Baptist’s called it ‘crossing places’, Anglicans & Methodists called it ‘Fresh Expressions’…. ‘Pioneering’ initiatives are springing up all over the place. Whatever we call it there is a great need to think outside the box in terms of ‘church’. Our new Regional Minister, Colin Pye, sees this as something he has a particular passion for, and if you have ideas to pass on or discuss he would love to hear from you. We want to start encouraging one another with stories from among us – good things are happening, so lets make sure we hear about them. In a recent presentation Colin said he would like to ..

  • encourage the ‘missional communities’ idea of “freedom to fail and have a go”. .
  • encourage EVERY church to be a Pioneer church?
  • encourage a pioneering spirit among the 50 somethings!
  • work towards a point where we are able to release Home Mission money for Pioneering.
  • look to churches that are already Pioneering to share their expertise
  • Perhaps have a campaign for the most imaginative project, with videos etc? 

We have a strong Baptist leaning here already:

Recent report on Fresh Expressions worth a read. From Anecdote to evidence –  Findings from the Church Growth  Research Programme 2011-2013

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