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Email Week 14: 

The CBA ASSEMBLY & AGM are coming up next Saturday the 27th - please do join us!! The Assembly will be on the CBA YOUTUBE CHANNEL and will be PREMIERED at 10am. THE LINK IS https://youtu.be/ZFXVfrLAL9c and will include contributions from a number of folk as well as the guest speaker Carl Smethurst. We are particularly thrilled that Carol Murray will be giving the blessing at the end.

The Assembly will be followed on ZOOM by the AGM. Delegates should already have received details of this, but if you haven’t please do be in touch with Stephen Copson.

A few thoughts

Cacophony. That was the word that Brigit Plass used to describe this last week in the Plass’s now weekly podcast. I thought she nailed it with that word. “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” I hadn’t really ‘noticed’ the underlying unease I have been feeling, but in speaking that one word I thought ‘yes, that’s it!’ It is as if the volume control has been turned up several notches, and there seems to be a lot of ‘clanging cymbals’ around. Perhaps the sudden explosion of many shouty voices all attempting to be heard above the cacophony is a natural response to the whiff of freedom? What is most disturbing is that it seems to be playing out on the world stage as well national at a time when we still have a global pandemic to deal with.

For us? I am reminded of Jesus in a boat on the Sea of Galilee, of the anxiety of hardened fishermen in the face of the storm, of their shaking awake of Jesus and words of fear yelled into the darkness, and of another word. “Quiet, be still!” The reading then says ‘then the wind died down and it was completely calm.’ In these tumultuous times it is hard for us to not be overly anxious, and indeed not to become part of the problem by raising the noise levels. But what is our calling in these stormy days? A couple of things come to mind – firstly, to seek for that place of peace within ourselves, to hear Jesus speaking over us  and within us “Quiet, be still!” And secondly, maybe to seek to join him in speaking that word of stillness, of peace, to a world that is in uproar. Please see below a beautiful lyric from Paul Field that speaks to this.


I would just like us to take a moment as we read this to continue to remember in prayer  David Fleming, James, Sarah, Callum and Andrew, their family, friends, and the fellowships of which they have been a part, especially remembering Limbury. Beth's funeral takes place at the Luton Crematorium next Tuesday, 23 June, at 1:30pm. David mentions that “because of Lockdown restrictions we cannot invite many people, but we have arranged for the service to be live streamed. It will also be available from 30 June for at least 28 days and possibly until Monday 26 October.”
Here are the login details: Username: Deca5912. Password: 258280. Service Viewing Time: 1:26pm - 2:15pm Website: www.obitus.com Please use the same login details whether you are joining live or watching the funeral after the event.
Some lovely lyrics.

I came across these words from Celtic Daily Prayer and thought how beautiful they are. From a song written by singer, songwriter Paul Field. See video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yALLH3gx43E

Go peaceful
in gentleness
through the violence of these days.
Give freely.
Show tenderness
in all your ways.

Through darkness,
in troubled times
let holiness be your aim.
Seek wisdom.
Let faithfulness
burn like a flame.

God speed you! God lead you,
and keep you wrapped around His heart!
May you be known by love.

Be righteous.
Speak truthfully
in a world of greed and lies.
Show kindness.
See everyone through heaven’s eyes.

God hold you, enfold you,
and keep you wrapped around His heart.
May you be known by love.

Paul Field

Some resources etc that you might be interested in.

A nine minute ‘conversation’ with Sarah Crane, the lead chaplain at Milton Keynes University Hospital can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikPAEXam7Fk

A CENTRAL NEWS special GRANTS edition has been produced to give an insight into the breadth of grants that the CBA are involved in providing. Please do have a read and share with your congregations. There are some great stories here both for information and as a basis for prayer http://centralba.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Grants-Booklet-2020-CBA.pdf

An updated  list of online services can now be seen on the front page of the web site. If your info isn’t there and you want it to be please do let Colin Pye know.  http://centralba.org.uk/list-of-links-for-online-worship/

‘LIGHTHOUSE’ is a children’s holiday week that has occurred for many years in the Great Missenden area, that has spread its wings and now has a number of holiday weeks in and around the South Bucks area.  Because of the current situation these will obviously not be happening this year, but in their place is going to be an online version ‘Lighthouse Live’: From Monday 27th to Friday 31st July 2020. “There will be a morning and afternoon live Mainstage session full of everything we all love about Lighthouse -  songs, actions, messy games, gunge, drama, craft, Bible stories, prayer and so much more!” See  https://youtu.be/g5cQaF0dmLc + their web site  where your children can register https://lighthousecentral.org/

Greenbelt channel on youtube  For those of you who are regular GRENBELTers  you might be interested to see this online channel as GREENBELT will not be happening this year https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFDjqMXyQFO0l6Ldr3V5SA

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