Week 15 email update

Email 15

Greetings everyone.

Let me say a big thankyou to those of you who joined us for the Association Assembly on Saturday. It looks like something around 100 people joined us for at least part of the hour and many more have looked at it online since. If you missed it you can catch the whole thing here https://youtu.be/ZFXVfrLAL9c   or you can go to the cba Assembly YouTube ‘playlist’ where you can access (and download for your own use) a number of elements from the morning. See here https://www.youtube.com/user/nicolepuk/playlists – click under CBA Assembly 2020 where it says VIEW FULL PLAYLIST, and you will see the various videos. Thanks to all who took part & contributed – it was especially lovely to see Carol Murray, who ended proceedings & blessed us.

From the AGM please note that Roy Farrant (roy.farrant@centralba.org.uk) was voted in as the new CBA treasurer to replace Karen Hopkins who has done a much appreciated job. Their roles will overlap as Roy gets a feel for things. We also want to express appreciation for the service on council of Maggie Prisk, David Fleming & David Warrington, who have all now stepped down.  The AGM papers are now available only directly from Stephen Copson, and not from the Dropbox link previously given.



Just four resources this week (plenty I hear you say!!)

  1. The Life Cycle of an Emergency – from Wednesday 24 June

Simon Barrington from Forge Leadership Consultancy took us through the typical path a church, community or even country follows when hit by a crisis. He talked about three stages of response, recovery and reconstruction. As we move from the first to the second of these stages, Simon provided insights and tools that help us navigate this transition well and some warnings of what to look out for and what not to rush into too quickly. Simon Harris, from Burlington Baptist Church in Ipswich provided the pastor’s perspective in this timely webinar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mwGGrO2kgc&feature=youtu.be  One key thing I picked up from it is that leaders, perhaps especially ministers, having been giving over and above for a considerable time now. One cannot keep doing that, so it is vital to build in breaks/ holidays!!


for any church interested in setting up a Renew wellbeing space.

“We believe this is a key time for the church to be taking a lead in hosting such places of welcome and peace. Renew spaces are simple safe sustainable ways to attend to mental and emotional wellbeing together with prayer habits right at the centre. Check out what’s on offer at www.renewwellbeing.org.uk

We would love you to invite your churches to use the last weeks of lockdown to consider this approach before busyness takes over.


We have an introductory webinar every Monday at 11am and then church teams can help themselves to the next 3 sessions.  If they wish to progress then session 5 is with an area coordinator in zoom to help them get started.  All zoom invites and sign up with mandy@renewwellbeing.org.uk  Ruth Rice and the Renew team


  1. A Day to Stop, Look and Listen – which happened on Thursday 25 June from 10-3pm but is available now online

Stop, look and listen. This is a timely and profound online Quiet Day led by regional ministers Beth Powney and Geoff Colmer. Beth and Geoff led us through five reflective sessions. The first four each began with ten to fifteen minutes of guided thoughts and prayers, followed by 45 minutes to rest in God’s presence and listen to him in different ways. The final session asked us to look back over the day and to capture some of what we had heard, learnt or gained. Though on the recording, the times all relate to the live broadcast which began at 10am on the day, you can watch this quiet day anytime you want. You can listen to each guided input and then take as little or as long as you wish for the suggested personal reflection.   See here:  https://www.baptist.org.uk/Articles/578284/A_Day_to.aspx


4.Love Wycombe couldn’t happen because of covid, so they produced this – nice one! ? https://lovewycombe.org.uk/?fbclid=IwAR1M_AAGU1fa9BIqZU_gALbZp20GAZkYWX6YJPNxCxodFybebstH7bM41Qk


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