week 4 update

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter everyone. It is quite a thought to reflect of the many and varied ways in which we will be celebrating this morning, very different to last year, but nonetheless I trust filled with thanksgiving, expectation and hope.

Easter Sunday will have been our 4th Sunday under lockdown and I get the impression that the majority of our churches have settled into some sort of routine,  that many have engaged in ministry with great creativity and imagination, and that some are working far too hard! Holy week may well have been even much more demanding, so if you are a Minister please be kind to yourself this week!

I continue to hear good stories – one Minister said to me “It’s been absolutely fantastic! We are closer together now than ever been” and another noted that ‘thousands’ had attended a recent service (an increase in numbers ‘watching from their armchairs’ has not been unusual). Such may of course not be your experience, but I do at least hope that you feel that you have done well thus far even to keep your heads above water.

I have produced another video aimed for Easter Sunday viewing, so please do not open this link until Easter Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etsC0b4BkvA … it includes a song I wrote THIS very week (hence it is a bit rough round the edges), an Easter song in the midst of an epidemic entitled ‘celebrate’.  We find ourselves in unique times and it’s never been so important to feel connected, so if you feel able, would you kindly send this around your pass the link on to your church folk so a broader group  can have a reminder at this Easter time that we belong to a bigger Baptist family

Should you wish just to access the song the link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfDsktLLA2g

Blessings & I hope you enjoy your day

Colin Pye

And so to the fun bits!  - a fairly mixed bag of information and encouragements that can wait until next week to read - Enjoy today!



Good examples

  • I like to share examples of how people are doing church online - here is Sunday morning church from Stephen Wood at Newport Pagnell BC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVBL20EG10g watch out for the rather lovely  ‘My Lighthouse’ with contributions from many sources
  • Andrew Clark minister of Hertford BC has been doing night prayer from Celtic daily prayer and he always blesses with a sung hymn. What a beautiful voice he has  . An example here https://tinyurl.com/wx9t6c6
  • Sorry this is a bit late, but Martin Hatfield produced an online Stations of the cross which I thought was very effective. Are there other possibilities for this sort of presentation in the future I wonder? http://bit.ly/stations20
  •      The second edition of  Messy Church does Science with Doctor Dave https://tinyurl.com/vkhk84q

Just Good …

  • The sacred web site of Adrian Plass https://tinyurl.com/t9oaa66 Adrian Plass and his wife Bridget chatting about life in the midst of this ... I get the impression he will post often ... just, just good for the soul
  • An article worth reading for preachers … Andrew Goldsmith pointed me to this, commenting “This is a thoughtful piece with clear advice from Rev Ian Paul who used to teach preaching/homiletics and has a great blog…. this made me think about various aspects of communication, and the point that we are reaching a number of people who don’t ‘do’ church …. yet. https://www.psephizo.com/preaching-2/preaching-online-in-virtual-church/

“in the last few weeks have enjoyed something of a novelty period, with a little frisson of excitement for some at the challenge of a new situation, lots of hard work by others getting online, and many people cheering the efforts from the sideline. But the novelty will wear off! When virtual church becomes more routine, we need to be able to offer something that works in a more mundane time.”


  • Copyright. It appears copyright online is a bit of minefield. I had a good chat with  Mike Lowe at Baptists Together and he comments ..
  • If you are incorporating performed material into a Sunday worship presentation, those songs have to be an original production (by someone within a church) - not a ripped copy from the net.
  •  If you are using your own home grown music the licence settings in youtube need to be set as a ‘creative commons’ licence. Only if they want to share it with others.
  •  You still need ccli for list of songs.. end of. Each song needs to be registered in the normal way.
  •  A streaming licence is a catch all if you want to show lyrics. This license applies to zoom, fb, youtube, vimeo.
  •  You need a ‘Limited online music licence’ (LOML) from PRS if you host material that is not your own on your own web site. Although linking to youtube clips is OK.
  • The situation with Zoom or skype is not so clear re this – to do it legitimately you would need a LOML licence.
  •  P.s.I also found this clip useful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWdgIuFTZjc&feature=youtu.be

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