Prayer ideas as mission

I was pondering prayer ideas for 40 Days of DG
• Labyrinth in public space
• This picks up prayer as something that people may well want to engage with but not in a church building.
• What about a prayer tree – maybe you have come across tress with ribbons hanging down, often to ‘remember’ someone. What about working with that idea, except broadening it to include any prayers for anything …. Perhaps make ribbons available. Make clear its for a season.
• Prayer garden? I have seen these but they are often underused. A lot of effort goes into the garden but not enough into the promotion of it as sacred space.
• What about an URBAN labyrinth – what would / could this look like?
• A prayer shelter – set up some sort of temporary structure (festival of booths) – have simple seat / table with icons/ stones / suggested prayers etc on.
• Prayer Caravan -do you know someone with an old mobile caravan that gets little use. Transform it into a prayer caravan, park it in your car park or the local car park, include creative ways of praying …. Manned or unmanned?
• Prayer Wigwam / Teepee – invitation to come in sit for a while, to reflect, think, pray, ask whoever comes in to pray ‘this’ pray out loud/ together before they leave.

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